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Cumberland's Finest Guinea Fowl

Guinea Fowl Keets / Hatching Eggs from our Pet Hens

Guinea Keets Video
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  For video of breeders Click Herepicture of adult guineas.

Updated News:

We are a hatchery in the state of Maryland. White Guinea Keet

All our flocks are Pullorum - Typhoid Clean and Avian-Flu Free and are free of salmonella and E. coli.Blue Guinea Keet Which means we have disease-free birds, but are usually required to register the birds with their local animal health department. (We provide assistance to those registering our birds for a small fee, check our online store for more info.)

We are also OK with the Department of Natural Resources.

Guinea Keets are out of season...
Call 240-580-2228 to pre-order for the spring hatching during winter months. Also see Updated News on top of this page.